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Our products are prepared from scratch utilizing fresh meats and fresh ingredients (as close as your back of the kitchen process). Restaurant Quality items with multiple applications: Center of the plate, appetizer, buffets, catering, schools and universities, among others. Capabilities to develop custom made items and or formulations for chains and large accounts.

  • Chile Rellenos with Cheese

    Fresh fire roasted Poblano or Anaheim pepper, stuffed with cheese covered with an egg white coating, easy to serve. Authentic product of Mexico!
  • Beef and Chicken Folded Tacos

    Hand shredded meats and spices in a differentiated application, easy to prepare (freezer to fryer), freshness appeal consumers will appreciate.
  • Beef, Chicken, Pork, Sweet Corn and Veggie Tamales

    Authentic handmade tamales prepared with fresh ingredients and sauces, flavor and texture customers will love.Different product designs and sizes to meet various application needs.
  • Beef and Chicken Taquitos

    Prepared with fresh ingredients, hand shredded meats and spices, product design allows for an excellent cross-over application as enchiladas (just add sauce). Available in different sizes