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  • High quality
    We specialize in high quality, labor intensive products, taking advantage of Mexico’s labor cost comparative advantage. Our immediate access to high quality raw materials from both the United States and Mexico facilitate the use of premiere ingredients in our products. Quality Accreditations
  • Committed
    The company’s core competency has been the flexible operation and labor workmanship that can easily adapt our processes to our customer’s needs. Our lean structure allows us to respond promptly to demand and market changes, characteristic that helps us remain competitive in this global market.
  • Custom made items
    We offer a wide array of products ranging from specialized custom made items such as beef stuffed bell peppers to a complete Mexican product line as well as other Ethnic food, based on customer needs.
  • SANA products
    We specialize in Institutional, private label and foodservice presentations. In addition, we carry a small portfolio of high quality SANA brand products, for retail and club stores in the United States. In Mexico, we offer an authentic, high quality Mexican product line and serve as distributors for frozen and refrigerated US branded (imported) products.